Grace Like Rain Ministries

Grace like rain ministries is a christian non profit organization based in Canada. It is financially supported by friends and partners of the ministry.


* Our mandate is to bring life and hope to humanity through worship, praise and prayer.
* To help and give to the poor through the  support we receive from our friends, partners and sponsors.


Grace Odupitan is redefining what it means to be a modern woman of faith. She is a powerful worshiper that knows how to enter into the presence of God from a place of worship. Grace Odupitan is also a prayer warrior who has experience deliverance by the mighty hand of God. This is evident in her online YouTube channel ‘letuspraywithgrace’ a monthly only prayer session. Many have shared testimony about her prayer ministry. Grace recently launched her best-selling prayer book title “My heaven is Open”. Her book relates to anyone who has accepted or receive the love of God. Grace is a sweet soul that loves God and has passion for these things of God. She spends her time and energy, helping to reach out to people who are in need and deepen their relationship with God. Her prophetic anointing shines forth through her worship and prayers ministry. It only takes a few minutes of connecting with Grace to understand her gift and calling. Grace recently started her new program with women title” Prayer Brunch”. This is an interdenominational worship and prayer session that intends to connect women in her community together and reinforce the love of God through worship and prayer.
— “My greatest testimony is deliverance from fear of failure”. Grace shared this during her interview at a youth program. She shared about how she was raised with fear and uncertainty. Her faith in God and studying the word of God transformed her life from a timid shy woman to a strong and vibrant woman that she has become. Grace has been through challenging situations and she can only say it was God who came to her rescue. Grace is a social worker and she is proud to be an advocate for women and children. One of her philosophy is that “a woman does not belong to the other room”. “Women are powerful special being created by God. They need to be nurtured, cherished and celebrated regardless of their age, gender and culture. Every woman deserves love”. Grace’s passion is to continue to her use her incredible gift, experience, and influence to bless every soul that she encounters.